We kissed in the daylight. And then he met my friends. Tricky!

I had intended on getting in touch with Penpal around Thurday to see what his weekend plans were. He beat me to it and we agreed to meet up Thursday night. Until 5:30 am. As I was leaving at the end of Thursday night (Friday morning) I asked if he still wanted to have dinner that night (he had asked me earlier, but I didn’t want to be overwhelming). He said yes and texted me later that night. With TWO dinner reservations–very impressive, which of course makes me all the more hesitant. He let me pick which restaurant I preferred, both very nice.
This time, he had no car, so I picked him up. When I pulled up, he leaned and kissed me hello. Is that normal? We’d kissed before, so it’s not that it was unwelcome, just unexpected – sober, daytime, a bit public (even though no one was around…). It’s possible my anti-commitment tendencies make me a bit sensitive, but it seemed a bit relationship-y. Hmmmm. Dinner lasted three hours. Despite the inordinate amount of time we had spent talking the previous 2 times we’d met up, including the night before, the conversation never lingered.
We met up again later, when we were both out at bars with friends. He texted me to say he was outside the bar I was at so I hopped out to meet him. This time greeting with a kiss was more expected and the drinks made me not think about it too hard at the moment. I was with four close guy friends. One of them I’ve been friends with nearly a decade, and he’s pretty protective of me. He immediately starting talking shop with Penpal, testing him a bit. The others were quite drunk, including one very affectionate friend who kept kissing my head or cheek and putting his arm around me. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. I don’t care that my guy friend kissed my head, and I have no commitment to Penpal, but he was there hanging out with me. Panpal put his hand on my knee or held my hand or kissed my cheek. It was almost as if he was reassuring me that he was okay or something. Whatever, it worked. He got along with my friends well. I’m happy about that, I think…although it’s a bit early to decide if I care if they like him. One of my guy friends and Penpal exchanged numbers. I’m going to chalk that up to over-inebriated enthusiasm. If they actually get chummy, I will find it a bit odd. I fell asleep with Penpal (in a PG way…) at his friend’s apartment. My alarm (thank goodness!) woke me up at 6 and I called a cab. Even though he was completely out of it, also having been asleep, he walked me out. I texted him that evening to say it was nice to see him and I hoped he had a good week, as I was leaving town so I assumed we wouldn’t talk. Summer simmering is heating up, but I don’t want to get too carried away with this whole pseudo-relationship-act. Or is this how dating in the real world works? You just act like you’re in a relationship to an extent until you decide that you actually are in one, or not at all, or you see them making out with someone else?

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