Hiking until sunrise > Sleeping

I felt recovered from my surgery enough, so on Friday I texted the boy I’ve been emailing to see what his Saturday schedule was. (Let’s call him Penpal.) He had been planning on being in my neighborhood to see a friend but said that had been canceled, so I told him if he did end up going out to the bars near me, let me know, otherwise we would try to figure something out for Sunday. He texted me Saturday evening to say he would be around, so we agreed to keep each other posted on where we were. I arrived around 11pm, and about an hour later I texted him to say that I was arriving at the bar he was at. He was at the bar waiting for his turn on the bull. I was glad to have his location before mine so that I could check him out (creep on him) before walking over. He was talking to a friend at the bar and quite attractive. My friend kindly obliged in being my wing-man and walked over with me. We all shook hands, but almost immediately he had to go ride the bull.
My wing-man friend said that one time she had been dating a guy, and seeing him ride the bull made her realize how great he would be in bed…i.e. I had to watch Penpal on the bull, even though that thought was pretty far from my mind, this being the first time we had ever met…for the record, he did pretty well.
We talked from then on, until the night ended. We ordered drinks and talked. Fortunately, it wasn’t awkward at all! We had a lot of chemistry (yes this is such a cliche phrase, but it’s fitting). When the bar was closing around 1:45am, I told him I didn’t want the night to end, it was still early, etc. so he invited me to his friends apartment with him.
Our cab driver was definitely drunk. At one point Penpal politely asked him to, please, stay in one lane. The cab driver had a Chinese girlfriend in the passenger seat who let us know she was a “dancer” and stared at us smiling before letting us know we were a cute couple. Um, thanks…we just met, kind of.
As I had expected, all of Penpal’s friends at the apartment spoke Spanish, but politely refrained for my sake. They were really nice and we had a lot of overlapping friends from Uni. At some point, Penpal and I decided to go hike at a place that was a little over 3 miles away. In our tipsiness, it perhaps wasn’t the most thought through plan. A cat followed us for at least 2 hours, even crawling under the fence, as we climbed over it. It was cute, and a bit odd. At this point, we realized we both needed to pee. You take this bush, I’ll walk up a bit, don’t follow too soon–so romantic for a first date!
The hike was adorable. When I think “hike,” I think outdoorsy, maybe a bit tough, fun, etc. but this one was adorable. I was barefoot the whole time, choosing little pebbles in my sole over 7 miles in heels, and Penpal kept checking to see if I needed to be carried, and if my feet were ok (they were just fine). We held hands and talked about so many things. (You can cover a lot of topics in 7 hours.) Summer camp. How he ended up in the US. Friends that start failing at life. The random but not useful knowledge that studying latin provides. Franz Joseph Haydn and my dislike for the waltz (as a genre, not as a dance). Birthdays. And of course, after 5 hours to get comfortable with each other, there was a lot of making out. He would spin me and pull me in for a kiss. Or put his arm around me as we walked and kiss the top of my head. We looked at the clouds (at first we looked at stars, but then the sun came up…). We left the hiking area around 7am and called a taxi that never showed up.
At this point I was mildly concerned about getting home, mostly because I wanted to arrive before my parents woke up so they wouldn’t ask any questions. They wouldn’t get mad at me or punish me or anything, but I still feel funny about them seeing me walk in at 8am, heels in hand. A random man struck up a conversation and offered to give us a ride. Penpal politely declined, but at this point we were stuck. I suggested perhaps if this stranger dropped us off where we were before, Penpal could drive me home so I wasn’t alone with the random man. So we hopped in his car. They both spoke Spanish, and the man asked if “we” went back to Mexico a lot. I smiled and didn’t say anything and Penpal talked about his family. I was glad to get home safely, and before anyone was awake. I’m not usually so old-fashioned, but I do think a guy should be the first one to get in touch after a first-meeting. And he did, so I feel confident we’ll be seeing more of each other. What an unexpected and exciting introduction : )

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One Response to Hiking until sunrise > Sleeping

  1. nagan says:

    You should be my wingman next time šŸ˜‰

    just kidding


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