When Bad Grammar Gets in the Way of Good Flirting

I have been emailing with someone for about six months. I was in the Midwest and he was in CA and when I was home, we kept missing each other. Now I’m finally back in CA for good so I’m excited to finally meet him. We would each take about a month to respond (there really was no rush given the geographic distance…) but still, the duration of contact is impressive. There’s no way to predict chemistry in advance of actually meeting someone face to face, but from his messages, he seems to possess many characteristics that I admire:
– He is educated, holds a stable job and seems emotionally stable and sane
– He is a planner!! This gives him many brownie points.
– He is super busy. Also, wonderful! While I am happy to plan things, it’s nice to meet someone who already has a lot going on in their life. New people should be like sprinkles, not the flour for the cake, yes?
However, as always, I have a few apprehensions.
– I just had surgery. Only in the last couple of days have I ventured out in public, and been able to eat mushy foods. This is a huge upgrade from only liquids! But it’s not quite date-ready–can you imagine? “I would like the mashed potatoes, a smoothie, and a side of the soup, but can you bring that with only the broth?”
– I heard from someone who knows someone who knows him that he mostly hangs out with Hispanic people (as he is.) That’s fine, except that I’m white. Also, I don’t speak Spanish. Not to get too far ahead of myself, but let’s say I’m hanging out with him and he says bkdjf;aljf;asudfodslfkjdsjf (words I can’t understand.) Well, wouldn’t that be awkward! I tried to learn a language for a boy before, and I am not doing it again, unless it’s really serious. Learning a new language is far more work than flirting with a new person.
– We have been talking for quite a while, so I feel that us-meeting has definitely been built up. He better be AWESOME. And vice versa. Also, there’s none of the “so what do you do” questions to default to, because…well, we already know that much about each other. Hopefully, he’s as charismatic in person as he in in email.
By far my biggest concern…
– In the history of our correspondence, there has been some minor neglect for grammar. He used the word “alot.” I am aware that English is not his first language but he was educated in English, etc. so that really isn’t an excuse. I read it and I wanted to respond and say THAT ISN’T A WORD!!!!! But that would have been extremely rude (I haven’t responded yet). Even worse, he was using it to say that he hoped I would have “ALOT” of fun on a trip that I told him about, so the word was in caps. The only word in the entire email that was in caps, as if he wanted to highlight his misspelling. Because the emails have been spread out, I don’t remember the other nit-picky grammar mistakes, but I assure you, there were others. Luckily, I kept them to myself so that he won’t know what an English snob I am, until he knows the more redeeming aspects of my character.
If I’m more recovered from my surgery, I’ll text him this weekend, and keep you posted!

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