Catch Up

So, it’s been a long, long time. I’d like to say that this is because I’ve found someone amaazing who is occupying all my time with endless flirtation, something less innocent, and deep, engaging conversations. But alas, it’s more that the dating pool of my tiny town has dried up so I go to a bar and meet someone new – they’re good looking, they have an accent. They’re 19, they’ve never had a job, they don’t know who they are, they are a child. Dammit.
Distance has evolved: he’s more like the previous hookup, now a friend, but if I saw him again we might make out. The kind of guy I consider a friend until I’m in a relationship (with someone else.)
This past weekend, I had an interesting flirtation. He’s a marathon runner. I don’t normally do skinny boys, but wow is he cute! He’s also years out of college, and a teacher in the town next door. So sweet! He grew up on a farm, and all of his high school friends are married to their high school sweethearts. I think he’s still figuring out how ambitious he wants to be – he moved away from the town he grew up in, but he’s still in a tiny, Midwestern town, so in my opinion he hasn’t stretched his paradigm too significantly. I might see him again, or not. I will be here for about three more weeks, so maybe he will leave a little mark on my life in this time, or maybe in five years I won’t even remember kissing him, hard to say at this point. But for now, it was nice to flirt a little with someone who’s not a freshman in college.

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