3 boys, 1 night…not like that

My night started low key and tipsy at a friend’s place. I was home for the holidays so I hadn’t seen a certain guy for the past month. He’s the one I made out with a couple of times, super cute…younger. Let’s call him YB. I had decided before I went home that this break was good: it would give us time apart, so that when we saw each other again it would be purely platonic. Or at least that was my thought process. It was a bit awkward between us at first but eventually I felt our conversations were normal and friendly. I mingled, and I was talking to a new guy friend when one YB’s best friend came up to me to tell me “it’s difficult for YB to see you talking to him.” Him being the guy I was talking to. Who has a girlfriend. And who I have known for a week. And who is very much just a friend. “Excuse me? What are you taking about?” I responded (The tone was innocent-polite, not defensive-bitchy which the words might imply). But ugh! Apparently the transition from slightly flirty to just platonic was not going as smoothly for him. Later in the night, a group including YB went to a bar where he sulked and I avoided him until it got too exhausting and I left. I felt awkward dancing with other guys in front of him even though I wasn’t pursuing anyone and there’s no reason not to anyways. Lesson learned. Guys are immature enough as it is.

When I got home I pulled the drunk-girl move (ohh silly me) and called Distance to tell him how much I like him and how frustrated I am that we aren’t in the same place. Then I laughed and said soo you’ll probably never talk to me again. I assumed the classic girl-tells-guy-she-likes-him-scares-him-off scenario…but I guess he likes me too because he sweetly reassured me that he liked me and we would still talk and you never know what could happen in the future. In my head: false. I do know what will happen. I am not the kind of person who runs around willy-nilly following my emotions around like a reckless hyena. I’ll continue talking to him as long as he is sweet and interesting and it will either fizzle out on its own as time squanders most nice things, or when I move to a more urban place in six months I will cut ties, save my losses and look for a shinier (or maybe just as shiny…) pot, but one that is more geographically desirable. Obviously I didn’t say that. The conversation ended abruptly when someone knocked on my door.

Three boys arrived at my door at 2:30 am (this story does not end violently). Two of them were friends of mine and one was someone I had never seen before. One of my friends I had a crush on a while back. He is quite attractive, athletic, smart and most importantly his political views are rare around these parts and quite in line with my own. In his inebriation he immediately jumped onto my bed. (Note onto, not into. He remained chastely above the covers. They wanted food, which I lacked. Two boys departed, leaving the one above my covers. We talked for a while before I announced that I was going to sleep. I suppose I really do like Distance to a certain degree if a guy I used to have a crush on can spend the night and the most he got out of me was bed-space. (I woke up to him leaving at 10:30 am and cordially greeted him “yeah, go sleep in your own bed.”)

What an interesting night.

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