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3 boys, 1 night…not like that

My night started low key and tipsy at a friend’s place. I was home for the holidays so I hadn’t seen a certain guy for the past month. He’s the one I made out with a couple of times, super … Continue reading

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No long distance for me

My weekend visit to a boy was fun, fun, fun! This boy is actually getting to me enough to merit a name – let’s call him Distance. I have a very strict no-long-distance policy. I did it once and it … Continue reading

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I have received a number of messages from Sam. He is not unattractive, but his profile is incredibly immature. He graduated a year ago. He misses partying SO much. Yes, beer can be tasty. Guess what? There is so much … Continue reading

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No Commitment

What says no commitment like flying across the country for a weekend visit? Here’s to hoping he takes me seriously when I say I just want to visit for the weekend, but don’t think about this too hard.

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Tooth Gel Man Continued…

December 7th, me: Maybe you should get new friends? Tooth gel is pretty important, at least to me. Did you go on any dates? Are you into older women? I would definitely be intrigued by an old woman telling me … Continue reading

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If I were to respond…

The latest match messages. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all…or just write about it on an anonymous blog. Sam: I enjoyed reading through your profile. I look forward to the two of us … Continue reading

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