Ninja Date

SD: So as far as our date is concerned, what kind of apparel do i need? I assume that since you asked me you are responsible for implementing the dress code.
Me:  A jumpsuit.
SD:  Okay, any color in particular?
Me:  Black, so that it’s multifunctional.
SD:  What are the functions?
Me:  Skydiving protection and ninja-gear.
SD:  Don’t get your hopes up, I’m going to wear my chastity belt underneath and I’m leaving the key at home.
Me:  It’s a ninja outfit.  I’ll be stealthier than any lock.
SD:  You are no locksmith.  It’s like a vault in the form of a belt.  And you are no ninja.  I heard if you’re blonde and  under 5’4” you weren’t allowed to be a ninja.
Me: You heard wrong.
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