Value Added

After calling me my name, and refraining from calling me a nickname that I find annoying…

SD: It’s not the same.
Me: 🙂 But I’m smiling, not scowling. And I’m happy, not irked. That has to count for something?
SD: Ahhhhhh. Meh. You scowling is sorta cute.
SD: I hit on you all the time now. Need to work on that.
Me: I think you’ve built me up too much. I could dress up as Jabba the Hut and you would still call it cute. How is your work going?
SD: No I haven’t Shortie. When a girl is nice and intelligent it adds a lot of value. It’s going ok.
Me: Value added. Nice. Sorry to hear it’s not wazham, awesome, yahooo!
SD: See. Cute.

Seriously, just friends…

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