Learn to have patience

Sometimes I get messages on Match that are so hilarious or weird or persistent that I have to respond to them…

November 12, Sam: Hey! You seem like such a genuine nice person! I really like that. So how do you like living in _____?!? How is your week going so far? Any exciting plans for this weekend?? I just finished my guest bathroom and master bedroom remodels so that has been keeping me busy! Well, I hope to hear back from you! – Sam

He seemed like a nice guy!  Wow, so positive, and actually pretty cute!  I responded to him and asked him about himself, told him about my restful weekend, but also told him that I wanted to be upfront.  His profile made me laugh, which is why I responded, but he was too old for me, and really at a different point in his life.

November 15, Sam: Hey Shorite!  Welllll…. your profile does open up with the line that you are skeptical about all that so I do not doubt that you have worries about age and where we are in life hah. It actually would never even cross my mine that our ages are too far apart 21 and 27 heh. As far as where we are in life lets just say after hitting retirement I did a full circle and now I am back to where you are lol.  So where are you living? Why did you move there? Why are you moving back?  I’ve been in _____ for all 27 years of my life and yes I love it I have created a life that is pleasant. What I do on a daily basis hah… work out, cook, tv/movies, see friends, sometimes work, clean the house, sometimes a date, shop, walk my dog and travel whenever I can.  Do you have a facebook? Perhaps you could add me SamTheMan@aol.com

November 23, Sam: …?

November 30, Sam: You wrote such a nice email reply and seemed like such a sweet person. It is a shame you disappeared :-/

I had to respond.  I had told him I wasn’t interested because he was too old so it is not unreasonable that I would not further pursue contact even if I did ask a few questions.  Also, three emails where I hadn’t responded?  Take a hint!

November 30, me: I apologize for my lack of promptness, I am in school and have been traveling for the holidays. I was planning on responding but now you have messaged me three times without a response. Seems a bit desperate, just saying…good luck on match!

So next time SamTheMan, have some patience and maybe I actually will want to get to know you.

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