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The date was going so well…

Guys often don’t realize things that are really obvious to girls.  Mostly what freaks out a girl, what comes across as sketchy; that kind of thing. I went out to coffee with a guy I had met on Match – … Continue reading

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Ninja Date

SD: So as far as our date is concerned, what kind of apparel do i need? I assume that since you asked me you are responsible for implementing the dress code. Me:  A jumpsuit. SD:  Okay, any color in particular? … Continue reading

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Nice guys do finish last?…oops

I have been flirting with a freshman recently. Over the past month, our relationship has gone something like this: Meet, flirt, think to myself ‘no, no, he is too young,’ get over that and decide to not analyze anything at … Continue reading

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It makes me uncomfortable to get messages from people who don’t speak english

I’m not quite sure how to respond – should I update my profile to say if you can’t pass the TOEFL please don’t message me?…but good luck meeting someone and welcome to A-mer-i-ca! From: age 28 Him: Hey, I spotted … Continue reading

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Pickup lines should not include holiday themes

The latest message that I didn’t respond to…but he gets brownie points for creativity? From: age 24 Him: Have you been Naughty or Nice this year??? I have been hired by Santa to make all your wishes come true this … Continue reading

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I’ve come up with a new term. It is “lae,” pronounced like “lie.” I am aware that “ae” is generally pronounced “aaa” as in the a in land, candy, or sand, but since I am making this word up I … Continue reading

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Value Added

After calling me my name, and refraining from calling me a nickname that I find annoying… SD: It’s not the same. Me: 🙂 But I’m smiling, not scowling. And I’m happy, not irked. That has to count for something? SD: … Continue reading

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